Arch Pain

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Symptoms and Causes

Ankle Pain

  A stretching/pulling or aching sensation here may indicate an imbalance with the arch of your foot.

  Flat feet make your ankles roll inward and a high arch tilts them outward. Either of these makes you susceptible to arch pain.

  It is important to wear an insole uniquely designed to your foot to stabilize your arch. If left untreated, Plantar Fasciitis may develop.

Solutions and Relief

This pain can be identified in two different areas. Pain at the top of the foot is from the process of walking. As you take a step, the foot is compressed downward and bones jam together. Bottom of the foot arch pain is from the stretching of plantar fascia tissue.

Both of these areas of pain are due to the lack of proper fitting support or pronation (natural tilt of your foot that rolls inward or outward).

Ankle Pain Solutions
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