Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

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Symptoms and Causes

Ball of Foot Pain image

  This is usually a dull and aching pain in the highlighted area. This can also be a shooting pain that can result in throbbing.

  This pain is largely due to too much pressure in the specific area because your weight is not evenly distributed.

  An insole designed to redistribute the pressure of your feet is required to relieve your pain.

Solutions and Relief

Ball of Foot Pain Solutions

Image #1- This pain is directly due to the fact that too much pressure is being put on one spot. Improper fitting support will cause this to happen as shown here.

Image #2- With an insole that fits and supports properly, weight is now evenly distributed and spread out.

Image #3- A met pad is used to provide extra cushion and further disperse the pressure.

Ball of Foot Pain solutions Met-pad
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