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Three weeks out from running my first marathon, I came to Arch Fitters with severe heel pain. They provided me with a custom insole that allowed me to continue training, and cross the finish line. I continue to wear the insoles on a daily basis, and I am very satisfied with the overall comfort and feel.

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I was recovering from an ACL tear in my right knee. My physical therapist recommended I get orthotics to help support my knee throughout training, and to help with the back pain I was experiencing from being on crutches so long.I visited the Mall 205 location and met Michael.

There is so much I didn’t know about my feet! First off, I have a much wider foot and was wearing half a size shoe to small. Michael paired me with the right orthotic and more supportive pair of shoes. Instantly I could feel the difference in my back pain (was nearly gone) and was walking much straighter.

The shoes and insole combination have made an amazing difference in my progress. I can’t thank Michael and Arch Fitters enough!

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I tried Arch Fitters Orthotics for the first time in a pair of basic brand name tennis shoes. Wow, I had no idea that the manufacturer insoles offered zero support! With the Arch Fitters orthotic supports, I experience excellent arch and lateral support. With the additional improved shock absorption, I now look forward to wearing these shoes every day. I can now walk with confidence knowing that each step I take in these shoes is beneficial to my joints and body.

I will next be adding Arch Fitters orthotics to my golf and hiking shoes!"

Hello, I'm writing this quick email to let you know that Perry gave me and my mother OUTSTANDING service, not once, but twice. He is so patient (Mom is elderly and very scattered in her thinking and slow-moving), and used gentle humor to ease the situation. On our first visit, several other customers and two phone calls came in as he was attending us, and he did admirably well juggling everyone's needs without making anyone feel rushed or neglected.

I'll definitely be back to his store for help with summer shoes that won't kill my flat feet. If there is some special way you honor or reward your store managers, Perry deserves something. He really makes his customers feel welcome and cared about.

Hi, my name is Barb. I use to work for Arch Fitters and when I recently went in to the Gresham store I was greeted by Perry.

He is Very friendly and with all the frustration from going to Good Feet I just walked in and told him what I needed and what I could afford then he took care of me.

My knee has been hurting for weeks and by the time I left the store I was fitted and walking around the store with out pain. I just really think you all need to know that at almost closing time he was right there happy friendly and professional ready to help.

A big shout out to Perry at the Gresham store. He is awesome!!


I have been walking around with pain in my heal for about 4 months now. I recently got a new job as a manager and know that I will be on my feet for 8 hours a day. With that being said, I had to have relief from the pain. I Googled Orthopedic shoes near me and it lead me to your store in Gresham.

I went inside and was kindly met by Perry. He asked questions about my feet and had me walk for him. He then suggested some shoes and inserts to help with my pain. Though I was unable financially to get the custom inserts or the shoes, I was able to get the regular inserts for my regular shoes.

Perry explained the process on breaking the inserts in and that I truly headed the better shoes when I could afford it.

This email is to let you know what a great job Perry is doing and to thank you for having him and his wonderful sense of humor at your Gresham location.


First of all I would like to start by saying this store has excellent customer service.

First my wife went into the store with our five-year-old son he was having problems with his shoes his heel was bending in. So we took him in to arch fitters they were having a sale that day and with the purchase of shoes we received a free pair of insoles for him which have been working out beautifully.

Then I was able to visit the store and I got some shoes that are called Propet. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I think I have ever worn that's that with excellent customer service that she provides in the store is a no-brainer get in there ASAP.

I just wanted to write a quick note complementing the service my daughter and I received at your Gresham Store. I can't begin to tell you how pleasantly surprised we were to find that my 10 year old daughter's orthotic inserts would be complementary.

We worked with Mike last week, and he was great. He quickly built a rapport with my daughter and got her all measured up. I was so impressed that I had him take a look at my feet as well. He set me up with a new pair of Brooks.

We picked up her new inserts on Tuesday and were helped out by Perry. Once again, my daughter was treated really well.

I've been spreading the good word about your establishment after such great experiences. Thank you again for helping our my daughter and hiring staff that did the help so cheerfully.

I’m writing to acknowledge the excellent experience I had at the Gresham location of Arch Fitters. Michael Short went out of his way to educate me more about my feet than I’d ever known was possible. I felt confident in Michael’s expertise without ever feeling like a sales pitch was coming, which, cannot be said for 99% of the retail stores out there.

I’d never been to an Arch Fitters before but I’ll now speak about it in the highest regard and recommend it whole heartedly. Truly, exceptional service on the part of Mr. Short.

Thank you and I’ll be visiting again soon.
Kind regards,

My name is Ronn L., and I¹m a recent customer of yours. Specifically, I purchased a pair of carbon fiber orthotics and a pair of Brooks tennis shoes. Previously I had been dealing with severe ankle pain (mostly left foot) as well as top-of-the-foot pain, and some arch pain. I want to tell you how extremely happy I am with my purchases. I¹ve been wearing these for about a month now, and I cannot believe the difference!

Now I have very little foot pain (if any at all) and I feel like I am able to be more active now. The lack of pain has literally changed my life, and I owe it to you and Arch Fitters for helping me. The orthotics and shoes were worth every single penny, and I don¹t know why I didn¹t do this earlier.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a member of your organization Mr. Micheal McGregor who greatly served me while seeking a way to release my foot pain a couple months ago.

I was dealing with an atrocious foot pain and was unable to run as wanted. After speaking to Mr. McGregor, and explained to him about the pain, he quickly took action with friendly enthusiasm to my concern to which I was facing. He provided all what I needed to release the pain. Now, the pain is gone.

It is refreshing to have someone available and committed to listening to customers need as Mr. McGregor. I have also seen him talking to variety of customers and I can tell you that he is a first -rate problem solver. He is always respectful, friendly and positive. He is a hard worker and I consider him to be a valuable asset in your organization.

l call him "The hardest working man in America". His dedication and enthusiasm are a credit to your organization.

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