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Fat Pads are the natural cushioning between the bones and skin under the balls of the feet.

Fat Pads protect the foot from pressure and pounding when standing, walking, or running.

Fat Pad Atrophy is the thinning of the fat pads on the bottom of the feet and increases with aging. It results in persistent foot ache, foot pain, formation of thick calluses on the balls of the feet.

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What is
Fat Pad Atrophy?

Although it is made up mostly of fat, these pads are not only fat. Collagen webs hold these very dense clumps of fat cells in place. Feet with little or no fat pads will experience more pain, calluses, and foot sores. Without this extra padding any bony spot, spur, or callus is extra painful.

Our solutions for
Fat Pad Atrophy.

It is important to wear shoes all the time. Walking barefoot will be damaging to the foot.

Shoes with extra padding, like extra depth shoes that have 1/2″ cushioning, are an excellent way to replace the fat pad.

In cases of bony spots, an orthotic can dispense weight decreasing the pressure in that area.

Orthotics with proper arch support will help off-load and relieve pressure of the painful areas.