Heel pain is a common condition in which pressure on the heel causes pain.

Commonly, this pain can be aching, throbbing, sharp, and/or burning sensations.

Heel pain can reduce the ability to stand, walk, or run.

A properly fitted arch support can effectively reduce the amount of pressure to the bottom of the heel.

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What is
Heel Pain?

Usually a sharp pain when pressure is applied to the area of, or around the heel.

The structure of your foot can make it so more weight is shifted to the heel, causingover use and resulting stress in that area.

A proper insole can shift and evenly distribute your weight, relieving your pain.

Bone bruises on the heel bone often follow single traumatic events, such as a sports injury or hard heel impact. Pressure on the heel with reduce the ability to stand, walk, or run.

A heel (calcaneal) stress fracture is a hairline crack or fracture in the large heel bone. It is an over use injury which is commonly associated with distance runners, ballet dancers, and/or sports that demand jumping.

Our solutions for
Heel Pain.

Pain is directly due to the fact that too much pressure is being put on one spot. With an insole that fits and support properly, weight is now distributed and spread out.

A heel pad/depression/offload is used to provide extra cushion and further disperse the pressure.