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Foot orthotics can help manage lower back and hip pain by improving and stabilizing the position of the feet, which in turn improves every aspect of a person’s gait.

The medical term for this phenomenon is the kinetic chain.

The feet represent the base of the kinetic chain, and each subsequent joint above the feet can be considered a “link” in the chain, going all the way up the trunk of the body to the neck.

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What is
Hip Pain?

This is a constant aching or shooting pain that occurs with every step.

The positioning of your feet directly affects the way your pelvic area tilts and shifts.

Flat feet, a high arch, or other improper foot positions can cause your hips to shift out of alignment.

Our solutions for
Hip Pain.

Hip pain is directly due to misalignment at the feet. An improper stabilization of the feet creates a chain reaction of imbalance throughout the rest of the body.

Unstable feet will cause one leg to be longer than the other, causing the pelvis and hips to tilt. For example, if the left hip ball and socket has spacing issues, the right hip will shift up causing the top of the pelvis to collide with other bones and/or organs.

Stabilizing your insole will create a balanced foundation and relieve your pain.