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The inward rolling of the foot during normal gait when walking and running. It is part of the natural movement that helps the foot and lower leg properly deal with the shock applied during gait. Some people will pronate excessively, this is commonly referred to as over-pronation or sometimes hyper-pronation.

Pronation is the natural tilt of your foot that either rolls inward or outward. This process helps you absorb shock and adapt to uneven surfaces.

The feet rolling too far inward puts you out of alignment, causing pain in other areas of the body.

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What is

With excessive pronation / overpronation, the arch flattens, collapses, and soft tissues stretch. This causes the joint surfaces to function at unnatural angles to each other. When this happens, joints that should be stable now become very loose and flexible.

At first, excess pronation may cause fatigue. As the problem gets worse, strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot and lower leg can cause permanent problems and deformities. The more a person pronates, the more pressure they apply on the medial side of the foot. This leads to more foot deformities and callous formation.

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DON’T WALK BAREFOOT. A shoe or a supportive sandal must be worn at all times.

By supporting the arch, it will decrease the amount of pressure the heel will have to absorb.

This can all be solved with an insert that adjusts your foot and puts you back into proper alignment.