The arch of the foot is also supported and held up by tendons that extend from the shin muscles.

If the arch falls from lack of proper support, the shin muscles over work, resulting in cramping, fatigue and muscle pain.

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What is
Shin Pain?

Shin pain is often categorized as shin splints. The pain may start out as a dull ache, but will gradually become more intense.

Increased stress in the lower leg muscles around the shin occurs when the foot is not supported correctly.

If left untreated, the muscles will eventually develop small tears that can lead to torn muscles.

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Shin Pain.

The highlighted tendon (Tibialis Anterior Muscle) connects from the bottom of the arch to the tibia. When the arch is not supported properly and drops lower to the ground, the tendon has to work harder.

Small tears begin to develop due to this constant straining. This pain from the tears is categorized as shin splints.