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A Tarsal Coalition is an abnormal connection of two or more bones in the foot.

The bones affected (called tarsal bones) are located toward the back of the foot and in the heel, and the connection of these bones can result in a severe, rigid flatfoot.

Condition may be unilateral or bilateral.

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What is
Tarsal Coalition?

Tarsal coalition occurs during fetal development, as a result of abnormal fusion of these individual bones. Less common causes include infection, arthritis, or a prior injury to the area. This condition is also known as Tarsal union or Tarsal fusion.

Cartilaginous coalition begins to ossify resulting in loss of eversion and inversion.

There is pain upon standing or with activity and patients take quick, short steps to avoid pain. It also results in fatigued legs, leg muscle spasms which cause the foot to turn outward when walking, stiffness of the foot and ankle, and/or flatfoot in one or both feet.

Our solutions for
Tarsal Coalition.

Orthotics with multi-density construction provides shock absorption.

Shoes with firm counters, rocker soles, and full shanks add medial lateral stability help to control the hindfoot.

An orthotic with high heel cup will control motion to eliminate strain and limit foot and ankle motion to reduce inversion and eversion stress.