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Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a compression, or squeezing, on the posterior tibial nerve. This nerve runs from the inside of the ankle to the foot and symptoms can occur anywhere along this path.

It is also known as posterior tibial nerve entrapment.

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What is
Tarsal Tunnel?

Compression on the posterior tibial nerve, such as flat feet, injury, arthritis and diabetes results in tarsal tunnel syndrome.

This is pain, burning, and tingling on the sole of the foot.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome affects ages from 14-80 years old, but it most common in the 40’s with a slight female preponderance.

This pain usually worsens as the day progresses, and typically ends up producing quick, short soft footsteps.

Our solutions for
Tarsal Tunnel.

A variety of treatment options are available to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Rest, ice, immobilization, and supportive shoes are recommended.

Orthotics may help maintain foot arch support and limit excessive motion that can cause further compression of the nerve.