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Why Choose Arch Fitters?

We are a national manufacturer of Custom Made Orthotics, manufactured in our facility in Gresham, Oregon.

4 Million+ feet evaluated.

1000+ Different orthotic solutions.

Experts to answer all of your questions before and after purchase.

We Guarantee all of our orthotics.

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What is an

Orthotics improve the way that you walk, by correcting the angles at which the foot strikes the ground, increasing the efficiency and comfort of your stride and stance.

Don't be FOOLED by One-Size-Fits-All produced by others. Each foot is different.

Arch Fitters has hundreds of different arch shapes to perfectly fit you. A poor fitting Orthotic can worsen your pain and/or create new complications.


Orthotics are shoe inserts that help correct body alignment and irregular walking patterns. Custom fitted orthotics are specifically fitted to the contours of your feet.

Why Fit Matters?

A:   Orthotic arch length must fit properly. If it's too short, it can cause irritation to the heel. If the orthotics are too long, it will not provide the right fit and might cause irritation to the front of your foot.

B:   Orthotic arch height must fit properly. If the arch support is too short it will collapse your foot arch, providing no support and can cause more arch pain. If the arch support is too high, it will cause irritation and pain by providing the wrong support.

C:   Orthotic width must fit properly. If it's too narrow, it will cause irritation to the support of the heel. If the orthotics are too wide, it will not provide the correct stability or protection.

Anatomy of an

Top Cover Selected for you based on individual needs and to provide cushioning.

Middle Layer Cover Medical grade poron for durability and extreme cushioning.

Heel Depression (Optional) Provide relief to heel pain.

Metatarsal pad (Optional) Provide support for Metatarsal relief.

Base Arch Support provides customized support for the foot. Material is selected based on your personal needs.