Arch Fitters

National Manufacturers of Orthotics

Arch Fitters is a locally owned and operated company based in Gresham, Oregon USA.

We strive to deliver the latest technology, expert customer service, exceptional value, and the quickest turnaround time in the industry.

We specialize in our own line of quality arch supports, offering the most custom options for diabetic and other accommodating orthotics.

Industry Leading

48 Hours *


*Two Business Days

PDAC Approved

* A5513 and A5514 EVA Orthotics

Locally Owned And Operated For Over 20 Years In The USA

Arch Fitters Products and Services

Custom Functional

Custom Functional Orthotics

Our custom functional orthotics are hand fabricated. We offer a wide range of plastics, graphites, and top covers, with specific modifications to meet your patients' needs.

Custom EVA Orthotics

PDAC Approved EVAs

Our custom accomodating orthotics are offered with multiple base layers, midlayers, top covers, and other advanced modifications to meet your patients' needs.

Custom EVA

Handcrafted Custom Insoles For Your Client's Needs

Made in the USA